32 Fabulous Storage Ideas to Organize Shoes

The more shoes you buy at home, the more the shoe racks can’t fit, the shoes are scattered all over the place, not only unsightly, but also easy to breed bacteria and odor. The place is small, the shoe rack is not big. How do you store these various shoes? How to store it is convenient, practical and beautiful? Next, I will recommend several practical and beautiful shoe storage methods for everyone.

If you are afraid of deformation in the box, it will be damaged in the shoes because of the limited space in the cabinet. Try using the free space behind the door to put your shoes on! Open shoe racks, which are placed on the shelves of each floor according to the color style, and placed neatly so that they do not appear messy. If you don’t have much storage space, you can use your creativity and use the extra furniture at home. For example, a glass cabinet can be turned into a stylish shoe cabinet immediately. More storage ideas, just check below shoes storage ideas.

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