36 Creative Bookcase & DIY Bookshelf Ideas That Will Beautify Your Home

For families with more books, the bookshelf seems to be an indispensable design; and with the popularity of bookshelves in the design, the bookshelves have gradually become a display design, embellished with a space design, the more The more families choose to install the “shelf” during the renovation process. The bookshelf is not only a storage space for books, but also a decorative artwork that reflects the taste of the owner. There are many options for bookshelf style at home. Different forms of bookshelf design have their own characteristics.

Ordinary people will have a study at home, or in the living room, bedroom and other rooms also have bookshelf space. In addition to our common bookcases and storage panels, the bookshelf can be designed to make a difference! In addition to making the bookshelf into various creative shapes, it can also be used for space storage, using original decorative materials such as water pipes and walls, so that the bookshelf is designed to be both beautiful and practical, and can fully express its own personality.

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