30 Wonderful Backyard Landscaping Ideas

How to design a beautiful little backyard? Before starting to plan landscape design, what is the “beautiful yard”? Is it a gorgeous decoration? Still practical and convenient? Of course, in many ways, the landscape design of the yard will depend on its size. If the area is large, then just solve the funding problem. But if it is a small backyard, then it is necessary to identify clear priorities.

In the case of limited space, it will be difficult to place children’s playgrounds, barbecues, restaurants, rest areas, large flower beds, lawns. However, if you mark the location of all the elements you want – gazebos, pergola, flower beds, rock gardens, ponds and patio decks, you can do a good job of designing.

Experts recommend that the entire backyard be squared, with each link labeled with a key figure – a building or decorative element. Therefore, it is easier to draw all the elements needed for landscape design on top of it, so that you can create a balanced and harmonious look.

Here are some basic rules to follow when creating a comfortable and elegant outdoor area in a limited space.

Avoid large sun block constructions, or make buildings as compact and “ventilated” as possible, grapes will make them look expensive and hide such buildings.

A tall privacy fence creates a closed effect, so choose a transparent metal fence and decorate the fence with flowering plants. Tall spread trees are not a good idea because they take most of the space, and shrubs and trees will give you mobility, so choosing these varieties is a better idea.

Avoid choosing clear geometries and sharp corners in the layout, which poses some safety risks and keeps the decoration simple – planting boxwood, flower pots, decorative stones, lights.

Create focus. It can be a flower bed, a small pond, trees or interesting decorative elements. They will attract attention and divide the visual space into different areas. Use layers and 3D layout effects to play on colorful, uneven terrain, adding depth and character to your yard.

You can place a table and chair under the tree to create a quiet corner, giving a cool place. Hanging lights, bottles or homemade lamps on top, adding floral original flower pots will add more comfort.

Landscape Design – For some homeowners, harmony and balance mean smooth lines, round shapes, labyrinths and oval flower beds.

Outdoor planting flowers will have bright colors. Even if your backyard is on the hill, there are many mountain landscaping techniques that can create an amazing focus that draws everyone’s attention.

Water features – garden ponds, fountains and small waterfalls add extraordinary beauty and harmony to the outdoor space, choosing fountains or waterfalls depending on size will make the backyard vibrant.

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